Crouch End Youth Theatre and Film Companies - Summer 2021

After running all our sessions online in the Spring we are over the moon to be back in person. We are open for general enrolement for our Summer Youth Theatres running every Monday and  Wednesday to Mid July  2021. 

We only have 12 spaces and keep the group deliberately small.

The Youth Theatres are designed to develop creativity, imagination leading to entertaining performances, inspirational work and lots of laughs. There is no need to sing or dance, although we welcome any new skills.


This Summer Term we are aiming for site specific outdoor performances!!!

We are based at the wonderful Yoga Junction in a controlled single use building with a small foyer, good ventilation and a strict cleaning regime between sessions.

There is no audition, no t shirt to buy. There is no exam to sit. Its about creative freedom, experimenting, developing and laughing - which is in my experience where the most creative things happen. All in a structured, supportive environment.


We just want to give the best opportunities to perform relevant, creative, inspirational theatre here in the heart of Crouch End. Theatre is about creating, cooperating, laughing, shouting, inspiring and watching. Too often those who have great ideas and energy don't get the opportunity.

We believe that Theatre and Drama have a really important part to play in bringing young people together and ensuring they flourish both creatively and socially in these uncertain times.



Group 2M Year 4 4pm  to 5.15pm 12 spaces     


Group 1 Year 5 - 3.45 to 5pm 12 spaces 

Group 2 Year 7/8 5.15 to 6.45pm 12 spaces 

Group 3 Year 8 - 11  7pm to 9pm 12 spaces 

All at Yoga Junction

Acting. Creating. Smiling. No need to dance. No need to sing. Definitely no T Shirt. We believe Talent is universal - Opportunity is not.

No ENDLESS rehearsals.

We will have a sharing in the middle of July dependent on COVID regulations. If not a filmed performance. 

Book your actors space in the company here - if after the first session they do not want to continue you will receive a refund for remaining sessions.


Call for concession rates 07939080471



"They love it! Thanks"

"My boy wants more than anything in life to continue!"

"I feel the release of Youth Theatre is needed now more than ever."