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A truly local theatre company committed to helping to provide a manageable, safe and fulfilling creative curriculum for Haringey Schools. Please note this offer is being updated in response to government guidance 20 July 2020




Book a day a week or half a day a week with Jonny Siddall, Director of Crouch End Youth Theatre. Jonny is an experienced theatre practitioner and teacher who has been Creative Director of Redbridge Drama Centre for the past 14 years and, before that, developed the Education Programme at Hampstead Theatre, as Associate Director. Both theatres became well known for their diverse high quality output and engaging theatre programme. Earlier in his career he spent 4 years as Head of Drama in Redbridge.


Your school would only be visited by Jonny, no agency workers, or casual drama leaders. Jonny is a long term resident of Crouch End with children at local schools. He would follow the guidance put in place by each school, to teach safely, and would aim to work with ideally just  3 schools but no more than 6. In addition Jonny is a qualified English and Drama teacher and has a degree in Economics and is willing to take on core skills tutoring when not doing whole class drama. 


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Jonny has developed group socially distant sessions on Zoom and in the holidays at the Theatre Company’s base at Yoga Junction.


Your school can sign up for a term or half a term of sessions.




At Crouch End Youth Theatre we believe that talent is universal, and everybody is able to be creative, however opportunity and self belief are not. Jonny’s sessions build confidence and creativity through a step by step approach, scaffolding development and encouraging spontaneity and laughter to show the individual what they are capable of. The most common teacher’s comment is - “I have never seen them do that before.”

LITERACY CATCH UP - Response to return to schooling post COVID 19

Jonny has developed a wide range of strategies to engage pupils in writing through drama. Developing comprehension, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar through drama engagement. This approach draws on his experience as an English and Drama teacher as well as 20 years experience in creating work by and for younger audiences. This approach can work in the classroom and/or hall and is geared to KS2 children.

In addition the, at times, collaborative nature of the work means that groups are bonded and in turn the other skills of speaking and listening are developed.


Sessions can also be focused on topics, books, science, geography or social education themes. In our experience a topic works well to lead the session and more benefits grow from a dramatic engagement in the subject matter. One thing is important - the sound of laughter and a session full of cooperation, suspense and surprise.


As an experienced practitioner of the last 25 years Jonny has created drama responses to almost any stimulus suggested by Primary Schools.


Cost Whole day £220 Half Day £140 Age range Yr 1 - Yr 6 Drama sessions of 35 mins to an hour dependent on timetable and age. Payable for the term or half term. Space: Classroom or hall


Taster half day one off £50.






We feel that once December arrives everyone will be in dire need of entertaining - however at present most theatres are unsure if they will be open. In addition you may be unwilling to take the class or year bubbles out of school.


We have the ideal solution.


An imaginative retelling of the Cinderella story set in North London, with a cast of 3, with a set that fills 3 suitcases, that comes to your school! Complete with songs the kids will know and lots of laughter. How can we do it? You will be surprised. 


The show will be around 50 mins long and can play to 2 classes at a time (60 children) set in the school hall. 3 performances in a day will cost £900. Less performances in a day can be agreed.


The size of audience is kept at this level to ensure distance between actors and audience. In addition a perspex screen can be placed between the actors and audience if required and is provided by the Company. These actors will have been working solely with the theatre company in the week and half before the shows run to ensure they have formed their own bubble. They will not use the staff room. The show will only tour Haringey.

The performers will be insured and have DBS clearance.


DR CINDERELLA is available from 31 November to 18 December 2020.