Film  and Theatre Summer School

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Every summer we run our Summer Schools, 5 mornings or 5 afternoons to create a new piece of theatre from scratch - no endless rehearsals - spontaneity, fun, confidence and creativity are the buzz words - not to mention the ability to make new friends.


In your 5 sessions not only will you create a live performance piece - you will also make short filmed performances and learn acting, continuity and camera skills. 

Who knows - you might then want to join our Youth Theatres!

On the last Friday  you will perform to a small COVID secure audience. This live performance is something we have all missed and is a unique experience. It will include the filmed sections to tell a full multi media story!

All welcome , no need to sing or dance just act, create, laugh and make friends in an environment committed to making you succeed!

Only 12 places - cost £145 for 5 mornings or afternoons.

What people say about Crouch End Youth Theatre & Film:

"Amazing what they did in 5 mornings."

" I laughed a lot!"

"We are all meeting up again next week."

"Can I do it again ?

Want more info ? Call 07939080471


Sessions take place at Yoga Junction N8 and led by Jonny Siddall

20% Sibling Reduction

20% Referral Reduction

50% Reduction for Free School Meals

Please contact for how to pay reduced rates