Meisner Technique Masterclass with James Esler

Saturday 10 October 1 - 4pm
Ages 13 - 18

Sanford Meisner believed that "acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances". This may sound simple enough but how do we live truthfully on stage, or in front of the camera? 

We often hear that "acting is reacting". But what does this mean? How do we "react"? 


The Meisner Technique and this workshop aims to help the actor take their attention off themselves and put it onto the world around them. By focussing on the other person in the scene, the actor can feel less self-conscious and more free to react on impulse rather than generating what they think should happen. 


In life we don't know what will happen next and we don't know how we will react. We're constantly dealing with external stimuli, moving from moment to moment. Through games and exercises we will explore some of Meisner's teaching with the aim of creating more believable, exciting and truthful performances.


James Esler studied the Meisner Technique at the Impulse Company and recently graduated from LAMDA.

Cost £32 Only 10 spaces