2 Day Intensive Film Making Course

After the success of the September Film Making Course we are running another one! This time over 2 full days.

The participants will be working with Director and workshop leader Marc Coleman who I have worked with on many occasions and is quick, fun and skilled.

Day 1 - Camera angles, Story and begin filming.

Day 2 - Acting, Filming and Editing.

A film will be produced as will a behind the scenes film. All will get hand on experience with each aspect of film making and can also act in front of camera as well. Not all may have lines.

The 2 days are Friday 30 October and Saturday 31 October 2020 and run from 9am to 1pm and 2.15 to 4.30pm The participants must leave the building at lunchtime. There are only 8 spaces available. Age available Year 7 - Year 11. 

The cost for the 2 days is £160

This what was produced in September!

There is also a Behind The Scenes film but that's for the team!

Some feedback: "The film was fantastic, tense and funny" 

"He had an amazing time!"

"enjoyed himself, had fun and learnt new things!"

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