We feel that once December arrives everyone will be in dire need of entertaining - however at present most theatres are unsure if they will be open. In addition you may be unwilling to take the class or year bubbles out of school.


We have the ideal solution.


An imaginative retelling of the Cinderella story set in North London, a one girls struggle to be taken seriously, with a cast of 3, with a set that fills 3 suitcases, that comes to your school! Complete with songs the kids will know and lots of laughter. How can we do it? You will be surprised. 


The show will be around 50 mins long and can play to 2 classes at a time (60 children) set in the school hall. 3 performances in a day will cost £900. Less performances in a day can be agreed.


The size of audience is kept at this level to ensure distance between actors and audience. In addition a perspex screen can be placed between the actors and audience if required and is provided by the Company. These actors will have been working solely with the theatre company in the week and half before the shows run to ensure they have formed their own bubble. They will not use the staff room. The show will only tour Haringey.

The performers will be insured and have DBS clearance.


DR CINDERELLA is available from 31 November to 18 December 2020.