About Crouch End Youth Theatre and Film Company

Just Do It

Our mission at Crouch End Youth Theatre is to give proper hands-on experience of creating plays, performance pieces and films in all settings, studios, site specific or outdoor.


There is no audition, no t shirt to buy. There is no exam to sit. It's about creative freedom, experimenting, developing and laughing - which is in my experience where the most creative things happen. All in a structured, supportive environment.


We just want to give the best opportunities to perform relevant, creative, inspirational theatre here in the heart of Crouch End. Theatre and Film are about creating, cooperating, laughing, shouting, inspiring and watching. Too often those who have great ideas and energy don't get the opportunity.

We believe that Theatre and Film have a really important part to play in bringing young people together and ensuring they flourish both creatively and socially in these uncertain times - so we have continued to meet and work together online., when not allowed to in person.

We also received  Arts Council funding to bring drama and theatre into local schools in a COVID aware way with our playwriting project: EVERYONE'S A PLAYWRIGHT 

We are insured and DBS checked. We are based at Yoga Junction Weston Park N8

Any questions call or email me.

Jonny Siddall



We meet on Mondays or Wednesdays. 

We put on plays that we create and sometimes ones that someone else has written

You can write, act or direct.

There is no singing. Unless you want to.

There is no T shirt or uniform.

Over the year if you stay with us we aim for all members to have approx the same stage time. 

When we can't perform we will create filmed performances.

There are no stars, but you will all succeed.