Rapunzel Remix 2022

Professional Performance Touring Haringey April 2022 (other venues please contact)

Theatre from a suitcase - 3 brilliant actors retell the age old tale - remixed to reflect the times.

Drawing on the famous tale this takes the story a little further. Zel is a musician trapped in his room by his protective mother, his machines and a pandemic. He dreams of performing his own songs to packed concerts - but how can this happen, and now is he too scared to set foot outside the house.

Inspired by the work of over 200 school children in our EVERYONE'S A PLAYWRIGHT project. Rapunzel 2021 is a joyful, inspiring call to all of us to seize the day and take back control of our creative lives. 

Specifically aged at those aged 7 - 11 We aim for this work to celebrate the joy of live performance and help give confidence in the future.

Each performance can be seen by up to 4 classes in a school hall. 

1 show £150 in a day

2 shows £250 in a day

3 shows  £300 in a day

1 hour get in, no complicated lighting, great acting, great songs and fun, with a twist of pantomime !

Bookings available from December email crouchendyt@gmail.com or csall 07939080471


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