COVID - 19

Throughout the pandemic we have responded to current government guidance and regulations- when we couldn't meet in person we met online.

Under current regulations those offering courses and youth groups as well as out of school settings are allowed to continue. The recommended maximum number is 15 in our space we believe 12 is maximum. 

In our youth theatres we are treating them as a bubble participants are encouraged not to touch and where possible maintain a social distance. If individuals want to wear a mask they can. 

Participants most immediately report any COVID symptoms and not attend and if they are concerned they should get a test. We ask that anybody feeling unwell does not attend. If the participant is off school due to illness we ask that they do not attend Youth Theatre for that week.

For the Saturday one off masterclasses we ask that participants where masks when possible as these groups are more transitory.

No Adults except workshop leaders are allowed in Yoga Junction and all participants must sanitise on entering and leaving the premises. Between sessions the venue is sanitised.